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    ​​Finally - An all natural and hypoallergenic exfoliating glove that you can use every day! Get smooth and soft skin with our drug free alternative to harsh chemicals, microbeads, scrubs, or loofahs.


    ExfoGlove offers a simple way to achieve tighter, smoother, fresher looking skin anywhere on your body.

    Here are 6 reasons why, in the last 3 months, over 6,000+ women are using this ExfoGlove instead of traditional exfoliating products:

    • Achieve skin that looks younger: ExfoGlove dramatically improves your appearance by making your epidermis shed its dead skin cells more quickly.
    • Safe-to-use on your entire body: You can deeply cleanse any part of your body with ExfoGlove, including hard to reach places on your elbow, feet, and back.
    • Reveals your healthy glow instantly: Unlike other exfoliation gloves, ExfoGlove reveals your healthy glow instantly - or your money back, guaranteed!
    • Healthier skin after every shower: Scrub your skin during or after your shower, removing dead skin cells and making it look younger after every use.
    • Completely pain-free: Despite the effectiveness, ExfoGlove is soft as a cloud! You won't feel a thing as you scrub away years of unclean skin. 
    • Helps target keratosis pilaris: To help eliminate acne scars, congested skin, and more!


    Designed to be used in tandem with your daily face wash, our gloves can help improve the healthiness of your skin. Our ultra-soft exfoliator is gentle enough to be used by both adults and children.


    Step 1:

    • Take a warm bath or shower for at least five minutes to soften the skin.  
    • Avoid using any soaps, shower gels, or similar products as the glove relies on direct friction with the skin.

    Step 2:

    • Wet your glove and wring the glove out. 
    • Move yourself out of the water.  Avoid drying yourself off and make sure that your skin remains moist.
    • Begin to rub the glove up and down your body using long and firm strokes. 
    • Be extra gentle on your sensitive areas. You may notice your skin start to peel after a few minutes. If this happens, avoid rinsing the peeling skin off your body as these skin particles will aid in further exfoliation.

    Step 3:

    • Once you have achieved your desired level of exfoliation, rinse your body with water to wash away the skin particles.
    •  Dry yourself off and apply your favorite body oil or moisturizer.

    Step 4:

    • Hand wash your glove using natural soap and hang your glove to air dry.
    • Repeat your exfoliating ritual once a week.
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